"Telling great stories through the design of your products and services leads to experiences your customers will love. Follow the narrative in this book to uncover the path to world class design that matters to people and profits that shareholders treasure."
— Sam Lucente  Vice President, HP Design

"Do You Matter? addresses the fundamental cornerstone of success for modern business. Design is the last great differentiator for so many brands, and yet so few leaders in key positions really understand the value of an absolute integrated design strategy. Brunner offers a marvelous series of direct, in your face observations, that any future MBA, EVP, SVP, COO or CEO can’t afford not to consider as executive custodians of their brands future."
— Ray Riley  Design GM, Entertainment and Devices, Microsoft

"Being a design-driven company is not about just making good-looking products. It is about how a company can deliver an emotional experience to the customer through a design-driven business thinking. This book will give you great ideas and examples of how this approach can be embedded in your culture."
— Sang-yeon Lee  Director, Samsung Design America

"The book is insightful and emphatic without being polemical. Brunner and Emery are serious, confident, and seemingly comfortable talking to the executive class, something that is not always the case in similar books. Nor does either seem to have a chip on his shoulder about designers being less important than MBA types, making the resulting text a clear and useful read for the design neophytes of the business world… "do you matter?" proves a compelling place to start a discussion about the role of design in any given business."
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